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Must Haves!

At Inside Kinks we love new products just as much as the next naturalista, so we've created 3 new ones to share with you. You asked and we listened! Our all natural hair growth collection now includes a shampoo, leave in conditioner, and hair milk for all our curl friends. We used only the best organic and natural ingredients to curate these formulas so that you can rejuvenate, replenish, revive and refresh your natural tresses. All of our products are family friendly!



What sets Inside Kinks apart from other brands and products other than the fact that we were created on the beautiful islands of Hawaii, is that we use all natural and organic ingredients to create a special blend of hair growth oils and butters as well as cowashes and deep conditioners. The importance of the all natural and organic ingredients is that they are in their purest form which means they are packed with more nutrients. This is why all of our customers have seen a dramatic difference in their hair from hair growth in the form of thickness and length, as well as stronger hair, healthier scalp, softer hair and more manageability. Our use of therapeutic grade essential oils such as peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, cinnamon bark oil and lemongrass oil oxygenizes the scalp increasing blood flow to the scalp, stimulating growth. Inside Kinks offers top notch hair products with expensive all natural ingredients at such an affordable price. With ingredients like wheat germ, hemp seed, emu oil, hexane free castor oil, mustard oil, grapeseed oil, neem oil, cayenne extract among others, you won't find other products on the market that uses these ingredients, especially at this low price. 

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