How to Create a Hair Regimen With Only 4 Products



As a natural haired beauty, you have probably been bombarded with so much information concerning what you should and shouldn't be doing for your hair. With all the Youtube vloggers, self proclaimed natural hair gurus and natural hair pages you may have received mixed information about creating a hair regimen. A hair regimen, if you aren’t familiar, is a routine that you follow in taking care of your hair. This regimen includes everything from your wash day routine, your protective styling, and your day to day moisturizing routine. 

What is a hair regimen going to do for me and my hair?

A CONSISTENT hair regimen is essential in growing healthy hair. POINT BLANK PERIOD. When taking care of your hair it’s not okay to do somethings half of the time, a third of the time, or whenever you remember it. You must be in it to win it ALL the time for your optimal hair growth and health. Think about this…if you don't drink water on a frequent basis, you start to become dehydrated, headaches may surface, and you aren’t feeling your best. Same thing goes for your hair! If you’re hair isn't receiving water on a constant basis, its most likely going to be dry, brittle, and start to break. 

So how do I create a hair regimen? Is my hair regimen effective? 

I’m glad you asked, no really I am! Every hair regimen no matter the hair type (3b,3c,4a,4b,4c) or porosity (low, balanced, high) should include water as its FIRST ingredient. Following water, every regimen should have a hair oil, leave- in conditioner/hair milk/ hair butter, cowash , and deep conditioner. 

Now let me break this down into simpler terms


Water is the number one ingredient in your hair regimen because it is the basis of healthy hair. Think of you hair as a plant. Plants cannot grow without nutrients from the sun and WATER. Water prevents your hair from breakage, shedding, dull hair, brittle hair etc. Applying water to the hair is a simple process! Just purchase a spray bottle from your local beauty supply add water and spritz to the hair and scalp. You don’t want the hair to be drenched, but you want it to be moist. To boost your hair health try adding Rosemary oil to your spray bottle, a little goes a long way!



Back to the plant analogy, like plants, hair needs nutrients and these nutrients are readily available in hair oils. Now lets stick completely to all natural oils! The reason for this is that unnatural oils usually contain petroleum, parabens, and mineral oil which are extremely detrimental to the hair. This information was not known to many in the Black community until recent years (last 10-15 years or so.) Natural hair oils are able to penetrate the scalp, the hair, provide elasticity, soothe scalp ailments, and bring hair to life!




This step has three different possibilities. The reason for this is because within the natural hair community there are so many different hair types and these different hair types require different approaches when it comes to daily moisture. A general rule of thumb is that looser curl patterns use hair milk and tighter curl patterns use heavier creams such as hair butters. Now I’m going to let you in on a little secret that many naturals will not share with you because they either don’t know or they are product junkies themselves (product junkies are naturals who LOVE trying and buying every single hair product they can get their hands on). Here’s the secret, to cut down on all the products you are buying and using, find multi use products.Your hair milk should be able to double as your twisting cream for your twist outs, your leave in conditioner (if it is in cream form) should be able to double as your twisting cream for your twists, and lastly your hair butter should be able to double as your twisting cream for your twist outs. In short, your hair milk, leave in conditioner or hair butter should also be your styler and detangler. To find what works for your hair, you must try different things. If the hair butter is too heavy for your hair, try a hair milk. If the hair milk is too light then try middle ground with a leave-in conditioner! 


A cowash in essentially just a conditioner. You can find brands that sell actual “cowashes”, but if not no biggie, just grab a conditioner and be on your merry way! When you have natural hair it is important to condition whenever you can. Natural hair has a tendency to be dry and conditioning it often will help to reduce and eventually eliminate dry hair. Moreover, many naturals, like myself, refrain from shampooing our hair on a weekly or monthly basis as shampoos strip the hair of its natural oils. If you are afraid of buildup or a dirty scalp, try adding Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother) in your spray bottle and spray it over the scalp and hair and rinse. Apple Cider Vinegar will also make your curls pop! OK, so how to cowash? Just rinse your hair as usual, apply the conditioner/cowash, lather and rinse! Simple right? It’s literally just like washing your hair with shampoo, just without the shampoo. 



I cannot stress enough how important deep conditioning is to your hair regimen. DEEP CONDITION DEEP CONDITION DEEP CONDITION - if you don’t remember anything else from this blog post, just remember that. Deep conditioning helps to lock in moisture for longer periods of time. Adding moisture and nutrients to your hair, deep conditioning helps to create a healthy hair environment by reducing shedding and breakage, adding shine and luster to the hair, & strengthening and increasing elasticity. When you deep condition, you are helping your hair to retain its length! 


Now let’s wrap this up! To create a hair regimen you will need the following things: WATER, ALL NATURAL HAIR OIL, HAIR MILK/LEAVE IN CONDITIONER/HAIR BUTTER, COWASH, AND DEEP CONDITIONER! The best way to find out what particular brand of product you need, you have to try them! Being natural and finding what works for you is all TRIAL AND LEARN. To reduce costs of trying hair products try subscription boxes, swapping products with friends, asking companies to review their products, or attend natural hair events (those swag bags are always on point!) So let’s recap, your hair regimen should only contain 4 products & water! Here at Inside Kinks we want to eliminate the product junkie phase out of being natural. We offer all the products listed here in the blog, shop our website to get your hair regimen needs!



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