How to Use Inside Kinks Hair Growth Products

I get so many questions from new naturals on how to best use Inside Kinks products because they really want the most out of our products and here is what I tell them; let’s start with wash day. 



  • Prepooing is when you add extra moisture and conditioning to the hair before you wash your hair. Warm the Groovy Growth Serum. Apply the Groovy Growth serum to the hair and scalp and apply a plastic cap for 30 minutes. 

Refreshing Cowash

  •  Rinse hair with with warm/hot water to open up the hair cuticle to let out all the dirt and buildup.
  •  Apply Refreshing Cowash. Make sure you are cleaning the hair and the scalp. Massage the scalp to remove any buildup. Lather and rinse with cooler water

Cupuacu Mint Deep Hydration Masque

  • After rinsing out the Refreshing Cowash, apply the Cupuacu Mint Deep Hydration Masque to the hair, make sure to pay attention to the ends as they are the oldest part of the hair and the most fragile. Leave mask on hair for 15-20 mins. For a deeper conditioning experience, apply a plastic cap to your hair and/or sit under the dryer for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse with cool water to close the hair cuticle.

Down My Back

  • This is your leave in conditioner, heat protectant, moisturizer and styler.
  • Rub butter in hands and apply to hair section by section, once again paying close attention to the ends. 

Groovy Growth Serum/Hair Vigor: Intense Growth

  • Once you are done with the Down My Back, apply the Groovy Growth Serum to the scalp! You can apply the serum directly to the scalp from the bottle or you can apply the serum to the tips of your fingers and massage it into the scalp.


Now here is how to use the hair products on a daily basis


Daily Moisture

  • Mist your hair and scalp with water
  • Apply the Groovy Growth Serum to the scalp
  • If needed, apply rub Down My Back in hands then apply to hair

Twist Out/Braid Out/Bantu Knots

  • Mist hair 
  • Apply Down My Back to hair sections
  • Twist or braid

Hair Growth/Regrowth

  • Mist problem areas or all areas of the hair with water
  • Rub Down My Back on the problem areas 
  • Massage Down My Back in for 5 minutes
  • Apply Groovy Growth Serum to your fingertips
  • Rub Groovy Growth Serum to the same areas
  • Massage area for 3 minutes
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