I Want to be Natural, But I Don't Know the First Step to Take

Hello family! This blog post will talk about how to return natural. I know many of you are confused as to how to return to your natural state and what steps to take, but I have you covered!  Now lets get started.

So did you all notice that I said “return natural” and not “go natural”? I always use the phrase returning natural because natural is how we were born, we are just returning. Natural hair is defined as the God given hair texture that has been unaltered by chemicals and chemical processes (i.e. relaxers/perms, texlaxers)

Many of us have had our natural hair permed/relaxed and after damage or just a change in preference, we would like to return natural. But, how do we do that? Well, there are 3 different paths you can take to return to your natural tresses. 

  1. Big Chop - The big chop is when you cut off all of your permed ends and then are left with just your natural hair. The big chop usually results in a shorter hair style, such as a caesar cut or a twa (teeny weeny afro)

If you aren’t feeling that brave or comfortable with the idea of a shorter haircut, there are two other pathways for you, the second is

  1. Transitioning Without Protective Styling - Transitioning means to grow out your natural hair, while periodically snipping off the permed/relaxed ends until the whole head is natural. Transitioning without protective styling (braids, twists, weaves, etc.) deems more difficult to many because you have to manage two different hair textures, the relaxed texture and the natural texture. For many this friction creates breakage up the hair shaft and leaves many discouraged. To avoid a lot of breakage, it is best to try low manipulation styles. Some low manipulation styles are low buns, two strand twists, and twist outs. 

3. Transitioning With Protective Styling - This is a common route for those who are thinking about returning natural. When transitioning with protective styles you snip off permed/relaxed ends in between protective styles. So for instance, I would snip off an inch of my permed/relaxed ends and then install box braids for 1 month and then at take down I would snip off a fourth of an inch and then get crotchet braids installed for one month (you can snip off as much as you’d like, but keep in mind that on average your hair grows .5 inches a month and you may not want to cut off more than you are growing)      


After reading about the three different ways to return natural, I want you to know that there is no one way that is better than the other. However, one way may be better for some because they have a looser curl pattern or because they have a tighter curl pattern. Everyone is different! The most important thing to remember is that the goal at the end of the journey is to return natural and to embrace your natural curls, coils, and kinks! 

Have any more questions regarding returning natural? Comment below!

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