Day One Definition

I always receive many compliments on the amount of definition that my hair achieves whenever rocking a braid out, twist out, or wash and go. I get a lot of questions on how others can achieve the same amount of definition themselves. (Though I personally prefer frizz and big hair over the "defined" look.) I don't mind sharing the steps I take to have a solid foundation needed to achieve big hair that I desire. 


1. Wash hair with lukewarm water and rinse with with cool water to ensure hair cuticles are closed. Dry hair with a t-shirt rather than a towel.

2. Make sure hair is fully detangled before twisting or braiding.

3. Begin twisting or braiding on WET hair, using LOC method. (Add a gel for an extra hold if desired.) Twist and braid hair tight. (Not too tight; we need our edges.)

4. Allow hair to FULLY dry before taking apart twists or braids. Use a diffuser or sit under a dryer if hair is still damp.

5. Coat hands with a light oil to decrease frizz when taking down style.

6. Retwist or rebraid hair at night. Sleep with a silk bonnet or pillow to further decrease frizz as you sleep. 


With these simple steps, your style will achieve great definition!

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