One of the biggest mistake ladies make when protective styling is ignoring their hair for weeks or months. Our hair has needs, people! It still needs to be cleansed, replenished with nutrients and properly moisturized for it to be healthy.

Most of the complaints I receive from people after protective styling is that their hair experienced lots of breakage during the take down. The cause? Improper maintenance.

Before the return to my natural root, my hair regimen was a total mess. No maintenance while protective styling, wash days were weeks after take down (smelly hair, Eeeww!) and zilch deep conditioning sessions. Sad to say, I never had a regimen. Period!

Truly, this natural hair “thing” was a game changer for my hair. I can’t even use protective styling as an excuse  not to take care of my hair for weeks. Yes, it’s not as easy but your hair will thank you later.

Today makes it 2 weeks since I had my faux locs and I decided to make a post showing my hair regimen while in protective style.
According to my hair regimen, I do this biweekly. For some reason though, I’ve been sticking to weekly since I had these faux locs installed (so I’ll be changing my regimen to weekly or biweekly). See how much I love this fro of mine?

Ok, let’s get right into it.

What I used:

Small towel
Deep conditioner
Plastic cap
Leave in conditioner
Spray bottle
Oil and
My hands. Lol.


Mix a little shampoo with water in the bowl.
Dip towel in the mixture, squeeze to remove excess water and use to clean scalp and roots.

I started from bottom to the top.

I started from bottom to the top.

Towel rinse with fresh water.

Replenish your strands

I take some amount of deep conditioner with my fingers and work my way all over my roots and scalp.

Yeah, trying to give those edges extra nutrients (3rd pic)

Yeah, trying to give those edges extra nutrients (3rd pic)

Cover with plastic cap for 30-45 minutes.

Towel rinse with clean water.


Mix leave in conditioner with a bit of water in spray bottle.
Spray on my scalp and roots, gently massaging it in.

Seal in with oil.

P.s: I moisturize and seal every 2 days.

So it takes me about an hour plus to do all these.


  • You could use warm water to mix your shampoo.

  • Sometimes I towel rinse the shampoo twice to ensure it’s totally out of my hair.

  • Cleanse, replenish and moisturize section by section, so as not to miss any spot.

  • Using a spray bottle to moisturize and an applicator bottle for sealing with oil will make your life easier.

Until next post.
Keep the stank outta your hair while protective styling!

The Frorocker.

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