Khadijah King

Khadijah King, a Long Island native, graduated from Westbury High School at the age of 16 and then went on to SUNY Buffalo State where the entrepreneurial bug bit her. A member of several choirs, a cellist, dancer, writer, actress, and creative director, Khadijah has always been great with bringing creativity to life! But, her trip to Hawaii is what changed it all for her. After being accepted to the National Student Exchange at her top choice school, University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2014, she left New York not knowing the gift the island would give her. Already a Naturalista, Khadijah had a sense of what products her hair liked. However, in Hawaii the products were not available and were too expensive to ship there. Although her hair liked some of the products,she knew that she could find something better - with better ingredients for her 4c hair. She got to work researching everything there is to know about natural hair, oils and what they do, herbs and how they affect the hair, and what vitamins & extracts aid in hair growth. Everyday after class she would go home to her kitchen and mix, and mix and mix. After a couple of months, she finally got it right. She created three products that started Inside Kinks. When she returned to New York, she decided that she was going to sell her products and help naturalistas all over the world on their healthy hair journeys. Before her business opened, she was crowned the 2015 Miss Naturalista USA and has helped hundreds of naturalistas across the United States. Khadijah always says "trust me, if I can do it you can do it too. I'm from a minority neighborhood, I didn't come from a well to do family, I didn't go to the best public school, but I graduated high school in 3 years, went to college at 16, started my business at 19, received my Bachelor of Science at 20 and my Master of Education at 23. I am currently working on a Women’s Entrepreneurship certificate from Cornell University and working on my MBA in marketing. It wasn't easy but, I wanted it so I worked for it. If you want something, it's yours - you just have to grind for it."