Natural Hair Tips!


1. Promote your hair growth through scalp massages at least twice a week.

2. Like a plant needs water to grow, so does your hair.

3. Drinking a lot of water helps your hair to stay hydrated and moisturized.

4. Castor oil helps to thicken the hair. 

5. Deep condition whenever you can! It helps to lock in moisture, reduce breakage and retains your hair length.

6. Healthy hair starts from within. Eat healthy and you will notice a difference in your hair health. 

7. Moisturize your hair consistently and pay special attention to the ends to seal in moisture. 

8. It's best to detangle your hair before you wash it. This prevents unwanted tangles. 

9. Always treat your hair gently. Avoid being harsh when styling to prevent damage to the hair follicles. 

10. Avoid styles that pull your edges. Your edges can and will be ripped out or thinned.

11. Never use a straightener or curling iron on wet or damp hair as it can cause damage. Blow dry first!

12. Rinse your hair with hot water to expand the cuticle before shampooing. 

13. Rinse your hair with cool water to seal the cuticle after conditioning.

14. Apply a leave in conditioner and water on your hair before you style it for easy manipulation. 

15. Use hot water sparingly on wash day. Hot water drys out the hair leaving it dry and hard to manage.

16. After you dye your hair, your hair is usually very dry. Be sure to deep condition often to replenish nutrients and moisture.

17. Sleep on a silk or satin pillocase. Cotton dry outs the hair, causes frizz and friction 

18. The lack of moisture causes dry scalp which may lead to dandruff. Keep your scalp moisturized!

19. Apply natural oils as they are able to penetrate the scalp, the hair, soothe scalp problems and bring hair back to life!

20. To keep your hair healthy and nourished, be sure to drink 8 glasses of water per day, 

21. If your curls do not revert after straightening it, deep condition, do a protein treatment and a beer rinse before you determine that the hair is damaged and needs to be cut off. 

22. Do not follow a trimming schedule. Only trim when your hair needs to be trimmed. Following a schedule may cause you to trim healthy hair. 

23. Dry your hair with a tshirt instead of a towel. The hair can be snagged on the towel causing unwanted frizz and friction. 

24. If you know your hair porosity, hair density and curl pattern, you can conquer your natural hair!

25. Protective styling is your friend. Low manipulation allows your hair a break from the elements and helps you to retain length.


 26. You can stretch your hair without heat. Try the banding method or african threading method. 

27. Wash day should not take the whole day. Cut down on unnecessary steps!

28. To get sleek edges, apply a gel or butter to the edges and tie down your hair with a scarf. 

29. To eliminate the product junkie phase, swap products with your curl friends. 

30. To save money on buying products, attend natural hair events and meet ups, they usually provide its attendees with swag bags full of products.

31. To save money on buying products, wait for holidays to buy products. Brands usually have sales around these times. Stock up!

32. Keep your scalp clean. Your hair follicles can get clogged from dirt and buildup. 

33. Water is your best friend! It is the purest moisturizer.

34. Do not use products that say they moisturize the hair but do not have water as the first 3 ingredients. 

35. Avoid harsh ingredients such as 'cones, mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, and petroleum. 

36. Only use all natural oils that say "all natural", "extra virgin", or "organic", other oils have harsh ingredients. 

37. If your hair feels mushy or limp, you need to do a protein treatment. 

38. If your hair becomes hard when applying protein, you may be protein sensitive. 

39. To get softer hair, deep condition and moisturize often. 

40. If you do not feel comfortable trimming your own hair, see a professional as you can cause damage to your hair. 

41. Only trim your hair with hair shears. Using regular scissors causes damage to the shaft.


43. 4C hair is beautiful and manageable! Deep condition often. 

44. Never detangle on dry hair. This causes breakage. Dampened hair is perfect to detangle with!

45.  Create a music playlist for wash day! It will go by much faster. 

46. Have movies lined up for wash day, especially if you will be twisting or braiding your hair afterward. 

47.  To retain length, style your hair in low manipulation styles such as two strand twists and low buns. 

48. To achieve styles like box braids, marley twists and faux locs with 1/2 the time, try crotchet styles. 

49. If you are not ready to commit to locs, try faux locs!

50. Find what moisture method works best for your hair, experiment with the loc, lco, loco method.


 51. Don't allow big ingredient names intimidate you! Simply look up their meaning. 

52. Don't be afraid to let your stylist know your hair is tight. Better safe than without edges. 

53. If you notice that your hair is thinning and nothing is working to regrow the area. change your diet to a healthier one, massage the area with hot all natural oils. 

54. After no change in your scalp condition, see a dermatologist or trichologist. 

55. Eat nutrients! It's always better to ingest your nutrients than to apply them topically. 

56. Oil is not a moisturizer. Oil is a sealant. 

57. If you do not wet your hair before applying an oil, you will only be sealing in dryness. 

58. Leaving your deep conditioner on longer than the recommended time does not conditioner your hair more.

59. Leaving your deep conditioner in your hair overnight is not a good idea. It can damage the cuticle because of the large amount of moisture. 

60. Your hair needs to keep a protein/moisture balance.

61. Do not do styles that required added hair if your natural hair is unhealthy. Nurse your hair naturally as added hair often causes friction and more damage. 

62. You still have to care for your hair under your protective style. If you do not, the style isn't protecting your hair.