Khadijah's Healthy Hair Regimen


Hi naturalistas! So many of you ask me what I do to my hair to make it grow and what I do to care for my hair on a daily basis. First, let me start of by saying that I have 4c hair and it is definitely manageable! Also, although we may have a similar hair type or texture, we may not have the same healthy hair regimen.


Wash Day

I wash my hair every 2 weeks. Prior to applying any product to my hair, my hair is washed in either of two ways: in four sections or in two strand twists. I wash my hair in four sections for the days when my hair needs extra tlc and it allows for more manageability of the whole head. I wash my hair in two strand twists for little to no breakage and shedding. If the twists unravel, I simply retwist them as I go.


Step 1: I prepoo with Groovy Growth Serum overnight or 25-30 minutes before cleansing my hair. I place a plastic cap on my hair to generate heat.

Step 2: I rinse out the oil with hot water to expand the cuticle. I then apply the Lemon Cleansing Cowash liberally to the hair from root to tip. I rinse with lukewarm water.

Step 3: I apply the Cupuacu Mint Deep Hydration Masque liberally to the hair, paying special attention to the tips of my hair as they are the oldest part of my hair. I place a plastic cap on my hair for 45 minutes. I then rinse with cool water to seal the cuticle.

Step 4: I blot my hair with a t-shirt to dry excess water but, I do not dry completely. I like my hair to be damp when applying stylers and to style.

Step 5: I mist my hair with the Rosemary Mint Leave In Conditioner and I also spray my scalp so that it can receive a treatment as well.

Step 6: I then either apply the Aloha Curls Hair Milk or Down My Back Hair Butter to my hair and do mini two strand twists. I only use both products when my hair is feeling on the dry side and needs some extra lovin’.

Step 7: I apply the oils of my choice (Groovy Growth Serum or Hair Vigor Intense Hair Growth Oil) to my scalp


Throughout the Week


It is important to listen to your hair! I listen to my hair and notice that it feels less moisturized every 2-3 days, so I moisturize it every 2-3 days. To moisturize I spritz my hair and scalp with the Rosemary Mint Leave In Conditioner. I then apply the Aloha Curls Hair Milk or Down My Back Hair Butter to my hair. Lastly, I seal my hair  and oil my scalp with Groovy Growth Serum or Hair Vigor Intense Hair Growth Oil.




I wear my hair in two strand twists, twistouts or in a puff. I love low manipulation styles because they aid in length retention and gives you time to work on other things besides your hair!


Healthy Maintenance
I do not have a set trimming schedule and actually advise against it. I only trim my hair when I notice that my hair needs to be trimmed. I only apply a protein treatment to my hair once a year as I am severely protein sensitive. I get my protein from my diet and do not need to apply extra protein topically.


That's all there is to it naturalistas! I keep it short, sweet, and simple and my hair loves me for that! Want to create your own healthy hair regimen, click here to get started.


With Love,

Khadijah King, Founder of Inside Kinks All Natural Hair Growth Collection