Natural Hair Fix

Natural Hair Fix


Want to know the answer to breaking away from dry, brittle hair and getting your hair to finally fall past that “it-will-only-grow-to-here” point?

The answer: A custom hair regimen.

You see, you can try every expensive product out there, watch countless YouTube gurus and try a slew of haircare concoctions you screenshot from Pinterest, but NOTHING will work until you develop a hair regimen specifically crafted for your beautifully unique hair texture.

And that’s where the Natural Hair Fix come in.

For 6 incredible weeks, you’ll form an unbreakable bond with your hair, learning how to:

• Ditch the dry and brittle hair blues by using just-for-you products that leave

your hair moisturized and nourished

• Shower your thinning edges with some much-needed TLC, allowing them to

recover from hair braiding and other damaging styles

• Work closely with a natural hair expert to revitalize and rejuvenate your hair

so it will grow to a length you never imagined possible

• Collaborate and build meaningful connections with other naturalistas who

will inspire, motivate and cheer you on to your #hairgoals victory

PLUS, you’ll receive 3 full-sized products specifically formulated to address your personal haircare issues. This means, no more testing out products and praying for

them to work. Yesss, now let’s put those hands up for products proven to turn your haircare

struggle story into a haircare success testimony!

When: September 23rd - October 28th

Register today. Limited spots available.

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